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17 June 2008 @ 05:19 pm
I seem to be stuck with the letter B quite often. Right now, I have two major projects in the works (one of which is going quite a lot faster than the other) and both of them are currently going by names that start with B.

Only one is appropriate for posting here, however. I think. I dunno. Originally I intended the other to be posted under my real name, because it's very different in subject matter and tone than what I intended this journal for, but now I'm not so certain.

Sure, this particular story starts out with a 13-year-old girl as the protagonist, but the story works through several years and won't end until Ally's 17 or 18. The plotline continues to grow darker than my original intent, and I'm starting to see no reason for the story to not be connected to the name Briar Reed.

Yes, it's different from other works. Vastly different from Bitonality in a lot of ways (especially as Bitonality is a comic that I'm doing with Clover Flynn, and Betweentimes will be a series of novels) but it's still my work. It's lost a lot of the young adult feel it had when the idea first came to me, so I think I'll be claiming it under this name after all.

It needs a lot of work, though. Right now, Bitonality is much closer to being ready to begin.

Bitonality is (or will be, when it starts in September) more or less a slice of life, manga-style comic that follows two boys through their meeting, falling in love, conflicts and so on.

Aron, who is mostly our narrator for this story, is a young man going to school to develop his art. He meets Zane quite by accident, and under less than stellar circumstances. Luckily for him, Zane is easily enraptured, and a few coincidences serve to keep them meeting up until they decide to give things a shot themselves. Nothing is ever easy, and as everyone knows the path of true love never does run smooth, so there are plenty of complications along the way. Not to mention a cast of secondary characters that are pretty certain that they should be in the main spot with stories and issues of their own.

I'm hoping that Bitonality finds an audience that will love the characters as much as Clover and I do, because they've certainly become very dear to us in the time that we've been working on their stories.

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