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24 June 2008 @ 12:21 pm
I've realized I'm an idiot. I don't have much time to elaborate on that particular point at the moment, so please just take it for truth.

I have, even though I never put them here, written several short stories set in the Bitonality universe. Why they aren't here, I don't exactly know. Now, they will be here also.

First up was a teaser of how Zane and Aron first met. This has actually been changed a bit for the comic at this point, but it was one of the earliest things planned for Bitonality.

Teaser: How Zane Met Aron

As far as first meetings went, this one was far from spectacular. In a hurry, Zane rounded the corner at exactly the right speed to knock the other young man a few steps back, and nearly to the floor. Zane's books--held precariously to begin with--wound up scattered across the hallway. Really, Zane thought as he looked at the person he'd almost run over, this was someone that under other circumstances would have had him making an effort to make the best impression possible.

It was Aron's shoulder hitting the wall that kept him upright when the other body collided with his own. He had spent enough time here that he should be used to rushing students, but somehow it seemed to be his lot to be run over on a regular basis. He looked up, and his mild annoyance melted into an embarrassed blush under the intense stare of green eyes. It took a moment, but then Aron realized that the stranger was doing more than looking to see if he was okay; no, he was, in no uncertain terms, being checked out.

"Oh, hey, sorry about that." The dark-haired boy tossed his head, grinning a little. "The name's Zane. I'm lost and late, like every other freshman around here. You too?"

Aron shook his head, bending to help pick up the books. "I'm not a freshman," he said, blushing darker as he straightened up and caught Zane staring openly at his backside. "You know," he continued, shoving the books into the other's arms, "you might try being subtle."

He'd been aiming to project irritation, but the words only drew a grin in reply. "It looks like you've had an accident," Zane said, pointing. Aron glanced over his shoulder, then sighed and closed his eyes.

Ink stained the back of his jeans, dark against the light denim. The pen he'd shoved into his pocket had exploded, and he couldn't tug his shirt down far enough to cover the stain.

"Here." The word made Aron open his eyes, and he saw Zane shrugging out of his hooded sweatshirt. Zane dropped his books into a nearby chair and then slid his arms around Aron's waist.

"I... Wha--?" Aron glanced down, nose almost brushing Zane's shoulder, and saw Zane tying the sleeves of the sweatshirt around his waist.

"Just so you know," Zane said, very close to Aron's ear, "this is what I consider subtle."

Before Aron could reply, Zane pulled back, winked and scooped his books off the chair. With a short wave, he vanished around the corner, leaving Aron standing there touching the knot at his waist.

* * *

Next is a goofy little story I wrote just to show how comfortable Zane and Aron were together in their relationship. It's sort of an outtake, as there's no real reason for it to end up in the main storyline.

Zane and Aron: Infomercial

The light from the television screen flickers across Aron's cheek, painting it with a pallid glow. A flash of brighter white makes him squeeze his eyes tighter shut, nose scrunching as he huffs out a soft, irritated sound. Zane glances down for just a second, confined to the small corner of the sofa left to him by the other boy's careless, sleeping sprawl. Then his attention is drawn back to the television, brow furrowed.

"Thirty-nine ninety-five," he mutters, stifling a yawn and propping his chin on an upraised fist.

"Wha--?" Aron's sleepy mumble is mostly lost as he tosses an arm over Zane's leg and nuzzles his face into the other boy's hip. "How late is it?"

"Almost two." Zane flicks a strand of hair away from Aron's ear, then traces the shell with a fingertip.

Aron sighs, then twitches. He wriggles away and pushes himself up, rubbing at a crease on his cheek left by the uneven surface of the cushion.

"What are you," Aron starts, but is interrupted by a yawn, and he drops his head back against the sofa, "...doing?"

"Nothing," Zane says, quick; his cheeks darkening under the soft light from the screen. He hunts for the remote, but can't spot in in the dim room, hand groping helplessly across the table next to the couch.

"Nothing?" Aron repeats, then fixes his attention on the television. "Didn't you say thirty-nine ninety-five?"

"Yeah." Zane gives up on trying to find the remote and rubs the back of his neck with one hand, looking off toward some vague point in the dark. "It's just... I like to guess the price of whatever they're selling on the infomercial before they say it. It's dumb."

Aron scoots in close to Zane's side, resting his head on the other boy's shoulder and his hand on Zane's thigh. It takes a bit of pushing, but he manages to insinuate his other arm behind Zane's rigid back, and he tightens the embrace in one brief squeeze. He doesn't say anything, and Zane's tension turns to a gradual relaxation, assuming that Aron has once again drifted off to sleep. He turns his head, letting his cheek rest against the softness of Aron's hair.

"Two payments of nineteen ninety-five," Aron says, sudden but soft. Then he curls in closer, and in less than a minute his breath evens out to resemble the heavier puffs of sleep.

Zane slides an arm around Aron's shoulders; the warmth at his side draining away the last stiffness of his muscles as he waits for the sales pitch to prove which one has the closer guess. He is nearly asleep himself when it comes, lulled by the comfortable weight of Aron against him.

"All this, for two easy payment of nineteen ninety-five," the perky saleswoman proclaims, wide white smile causing a momentary brightening of the room. Zane blinks, turning his head a little to look down at Aron from the corners of his eyes.

"I've seen this one," Aron says without opening his eyes, a faint smile curling his lips.

Zane chuckles, tightening his grip and letting his eyes fall closed. The flickering light of the television draws shadows across their bodies, but it is not enough to wake either of them from the content slumber they have drifted into.

* * *

Finally, this story was written for a fiction challenge community. The challenge is to write a story of exactly 1000 words based on a picture prompt. Again, it isn't a part of their canon storyline, though I do think I'll work in the dollar somehow. This one can also be considered possibly NSFW, as it contains two boys kissing.

Zane and Aron: Wanna Bet?

"That one's way too shy for you, Zane. You'll never even get a kiss out of him."

Aron stood frozen to one side of the open doorway, listening to the voice of the red-haired singer. He bit his lower lip, leaning forward as he waited for Zane's reply.

"Wanna bet?"

Aron rolled his eyes, but remained standing outside the door, rather than knocking and going in to retrieve his forgotten sketchbook. It was childish, but he felt a little flushed knowing they were talking about him. That, and he was wondering if Zane had some sort of plan in mind for winning this particular bet.

"What's it worth to you, pretty boy?"

There was the sound of rustling, then a triumphant, "Ha!" from Zane. "I've got a dollar here that says I'll kiss him so hard his eyes'll cross."

One dollar? That was all it was worth to Zane? Aron's mouth hardened, and he stepped forward into the doorway, knocking on the frame. Zane's mouth opened, but before he could say anything Aron was nodding toward the sketchbook that lay propped against the side of the chair he'd been using.

"I forgot something. Don't let me interrupt."

Walking through the room, he saw the knowing smirk on Rae's face and his shoulders stiffened further. Snatching the sketchbook off the floor, he turned and left again without another word.

"I think I win," Rae whispered, just before Aron got out the door. The look Zane shot her made her press her mouth shut and look away.

"Shit." After a silent second, Zane took off after Aron.

He caught up just before Aron got to his car, reaching out to grab Aron's shoulder. "Hey. Wait, okay?"

"Why?" Aron glanced back, one eyebrow raised. "I don't have a dollar to give you."

Zane winced. "Yeah, okay, I deserved that. Don't I deserve the chance to explain too?"

Aron didn't say anything, but neither did he turn away or reach for the handle on the car's door. Zane smiled a little, fingers tightening in a brief, wordless thanks on Aron's shoulder.

"Look." Zane closed his eyes, paused to take a deep breath, then opened them again. "The bet thing is a long time joke between us. It's not always about the same sort of thing, but we've been doing it for years."

Aron turned a little more toward Zane, but shrugged Zane's hand off his shoulder. Zane's face wore an expression of mingled contrition and hurt as he held up the dollar he still held folded up in his hand.

"We've used this dollar bill every time," he said, unfolding it to reveal words scrawled across the face. There were so many, squeezed in and overlapped, that Aron couldn't read more than a few here and there. "It's, well, to us, it's worth a lot more than a dollar by now. The only time we bet with this is when we plan to win."

The rush of red that spread across Zane's cheeks was easy for Aron to see even under the dim light cast by the streetlight over their heads. Zane looked down at the dollar, rolling his shoulders in a shrug.

"I know it sounded bad, but it wasn't an insult. I haven't bet this on anyone in a long time, but I thought--" Zane stopped when Aron's fingertips skimmed over one heated cheek, eyes widening.

"Guess I'd better make sure you don't have to give it up then, huh?"

Zane blinked, opened his mouth, shut it again and swallowed before he looked like he was ready to speak, but Aron never gave him a chance. Curling his fingers around a handful of the front of Zane's faded t-shirt, Aron pulled himself up so that his lips fit against Zane's. He hovered there, and then Zane felt Aron's mouth curve into a smile over his own.

"If you're going to make my eyes cross, I suggest you get started." Every word changed the shape of their near kiss, and when Zane licked his lips he found he could already taste Aron on his mouth.

With a muffled sound somewhere between a laugh and a groan, Zane pressed himself closer to Aron, raising his hands to cup the column of Aron's neck between his palms, the dollar bill falling forgotten to the pavement beside their feet. For a moment the meeting of their mouths was sweet, a slow exploration of the slick topography of unfamiliar lips. Zane forgot the bet, focused on feeding the steady increase of the pulse beneath the gentle cradle of his hands.

Aron's mouth opened under the fleeting foray of Zane's tongue, his own following in a tentative parry that made Zane's breath catch on the rough edges of the pleased noise that filled his throat. Zane drew his mouth back, dipping in over and over for slow, nibbling kisses that made Aron chase after and draw him back on each retreat. Their mouths parted a final time, and Zane slid his hands down Aron's back before letting him go.

"Eyes crossed yet?" Zane felt like his own should have been, and there was a surprising weakness to his knees.

"Mmm," Aron hummed, bending down to retrieve the dollar from the ground. He held up it, looking from it to Zane and back. Zane rubbed the back of his neck, fighting down the urge to ask if he were the only one affected by the kiss.

"You can tell Rae," Aron said at last, folding the bill and tucking it carefully into Zane's pocket, "that you won this fair and square."

Zane's mouth curled up into a smirk, and he caught hold of the top of Aron's car door as it was opened. Aron looked up as Zane leaned over the top of the door.

"So, can I bet that you're going to call me?"

Aron grinned, tugging the door away from Zane.

"That," he said, just before the door shut, "is really going to cost you."

* * *

All three of these stories are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 license. You can see character art at Clover's DA page.
Nikkp01s0n3d on September 10th, 2008 07:33 am (UTC)
Cute drabbles! I look forward to meeting more of Zane and Aron, they both seem adorable.
I also read the comic and I shall be watching that too -insert evil laughter here-
I hope you don't mind if I friend you - you seem like an interesting writer and I like watching livejournals of comics I read ^_^
Briar Reed: aron bluebriar_reed on September 10th, 2008 03:38 pm (UTC)
Thank you! At times the boys are sickeningly sweet, but I promise they get their share of drama and angst as well.

I don't mind at all. I don't always get to post here very often, so I hope you don't get bored. New friends are always welcome.
Nikkp01s0n3d on September 10th, 2008 06:39 pm (UTC)
Yay drama! Yay angst! Fluff is good too though.

I kind of noticed that, but still. Besides, I don't even have half the amount of time I need to check journals if I read every single one and left "in depth" comments. People who don't post everyday are welcome <3