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13 August 2008 @ 06:32 pm
Hooray! At last, Bitonality has its website. The "comics" that are there were only posted to test the working of the ComicPress script, and will come down shortly, but I think nearly everything else is set up as it should be. I am well beyond ecstatic, as I think it looks great for all the work I've put in. You can find it at: www.bitonalitycomic.com

Also, in the way of milestones, between the actual story and the outline for Bitonality, I've written well over 10,000 words now. Considering that only takes the story into the end of September and the outline into late Januaray/early February, it proves that there's still a *lot* left to do, but it's a wonderful milestone to have reached. My goal before the comic launches is to get the story itself up over 10,000 words, which I'm hoping shouldn't be too terribly much longer.

Bands are named, birthdates and other stats worked out, and everything still seems to be running almost too smoothly. Hopefully, once we begin posting in September (or as soon as I finish this short story obligation for elsewhere, whichever comes first) I'll be able to get to work on one of my other numerous projects. So many plans, so little time. But, I do feel like things are steadily coming together. I just need to remember to try not to force things.
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