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briar_reed's Journal

Briar Reed
11 May 1980
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A wannabe in the field of English language manga making, with an eye for joining the growing BL industry in the US. The writing half of a pair, as my own artistic skills extend only to drawing stick figures.

This LJ exists as place for me to ramble about projects I'm working on, talk about things I've read or watched lately, and generally discuss things in the context of someone with an eye for creating comics and stories with a BL theme. It also serves as an excellent place to organize the many tutorials and resources I've seen scattered around LJ and the internet so that I can find them again later.

Any posts that give heavy details of projects in the works will probably be locked, however most things here will be public. I have no "friending policy" and will most likely friend back anyone so long as the journal is more or less coherently written. Graphically adult material, if posted, will be posted under a filter specifically for those that are of age. If you want to be added to this filter and don't have your year of birth in your userinfo, there is a post for screened comments where an age statement can be left, here.